Tusky Games is an independent games developer based in Brighton, UK.

What games have you done?

In order of release
  1. Tourney: The Medieval Tournament Simulator - New project in development
  2. Escape From BioStation: A comedy sci-fi adventure game. - last official release
  3. Lords and Ladies of Dragon Sword Braveness - just a bit of fun

Who are you?

People working on the latest project: Tourney

Rich Baker - Programming & 3d art
Curtis Falkingham - Freelance Composer
Ales Rot - Freelance Environment & 3d Artist
Fabian Parente - Freelance Illustrator

Are you on social media?

https://www.twitter.com/tuskygames <- updated most


How can I get in touch?

You can send a message on social media. There is also a dev log for Tourney on the Exilian forums if you want to have a chat :)

What's with the avatar?

A stern Victorian mammoth is definitely synonymous with fun. Right?