Tourney: The Medieval Tournament Simulator

Build the ultimate medieval tournament - and lead your house to glory

Estimated Release Date: Q3 2021

Tourney is a tycoon style simulator / simulation PC game. It will allow you to take control of a medieval noble house, and then build a tournament or "tourney" ground where you can watch your champions vie for victory, or dive in and get involved in the combat!

The finished game will feature the following:
  • Build the ultimate medieval tournament: Build areas for jousting, melee and archery. Build blacksmiths, stands, stables, apothecaries and decorations
  • 13 playable houses with unique heraldry, traits and heroes - all based on real families and pop culture.
  • Send knights from your house to compete in the tourney. Build their skills and give them the best gear from your vendors. Purchase potions and tinctures to help your knights compete!
  • Take direct control of your champions in their events to give them the edge
  • Keep the medieval peasants and nobility happy so they keep coming back to witness your tournament triumphs
  • Hire jesters, troubadours, and guards to deal with troublemakers.

The tournament set in medieval times, and of this world - but your tourney will be set in mythical places such as Avalon or Atlantis. The game will be full of humour and satire - and you'll be able to find references throughout the finished game

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