Tourney: The Medieval Tournament Simulator

Build the ultimate medieval tournament - and lead your house to glory!
Tourney is a medieval tournament simulation game where you can build and run a tournament or "tourney" ground. You send out invites to knights, and arrange events for them to compete in - such as jousting, sword fighting and archery. Medieval visitors then flock to your tourney, so you'll have to keep them happy!
Release Date: 4th November 2021


Tourney Knights Jousting in a Joust

  • There are plenty of vendors to build: Apothecaries, carpenters, ale wagons, hog roasts, Jewellery merchants and more
  • Hire jesters, guards and troubadours
  • Select your own knights to participate in the tournament. You can train them and buy them gear. You can also play mini games to try and influence the outcome of events, or mess with the starting line ups of the events!
  • There are many houses based on legend that you can choose which have unique heraldry & champions.

Tourney Knights Fighting in a Melee

There is a single player story campaign, and several sandbox scenarios. The environments and settings for the campaign and scenarios are based in various places from myth and legend. For example you can host a tournament in Atlantis, Avalon or Gulansharo - the lost city of flowers.

The gameplay style combines both being responsible for building the tourney facilities - but also looking after your knights that are taking part in tournament. Depending on the scenario you might need to focus a little more on one or the other!

Development on the game began in 2017. There was then a successful kickstarter campaign in February 2021, which allowed for development on the game to finish that year, and we released on the 4th of November 2021!

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