And the Results are in!

It's been a busy social week for Escape From BioStation (aside from continuing developments, obvs!).

In a twisted moment of madness I decided to start 2 polls at the same time.

Question 1

So if you read the last post you'll know that at the moment the shooting mechanic has been the recent focus, and now is almost complete. It has made it a lot more engaging and enjoyable! One thing that remains is to have a point where the squirrel should reload. But that lead to the question: surely it won't work like a normal gun, can it? How and where will the clip be placed... Oh dear. Not that. So I came to the conclusion that it would be a wonderful opportunity to have the input of the kick starter backers.

The new feature will go into production soon, and will probably be in a demo-able state next month.

Question 2

Something that I needed was some T-Shirts to give away as fabulous prizes. Everyone loves fabulous prizes, don't they! Well rather than coming up with something by myself I opened this up to the awesome chaps and chapesses on the twitters and  facebookses.

That poll is also closed now. The winners were all notified. so an artist is doing some sketches now of what the garment will actually have on it. Once they are printed they will all go off in the post.

There are going to be lots more in the way of freebie competitions - so make sure you you are following on twitter and have liked on the facebook page if you want to be in with a chance to win those (link in the right).

Until next time!

The BioStation Quiz Drone