Category: 3D Modelling

New Project: Pezzies

The last few weeks I've been moving forward on a few different "tracks" for the new project.

One main track is the creation of 3d models. Specifically, I'm working on making peasants to be part of a dynamically generated medieval crowd. Here is a big image showing the creation of the latest lady pezzy. Starting with the initial sketch a profile is drawn. That forms the basis of the model. After that it is textured. You can see that initially the pallette is only black & white, which allows me to then create a few different colour schemes for the same model.

It's not fine detail, and a little stylised. The reason for this is that the game will be "top down" (in the vein of most sim games, I think). You can't get very close to the models, so they don't actually need to be that detailed. It matters more what the overall effect will be once there are a few of them. Below is a demontration of this. The fourth lady pezzy joins in with the others having a good time drinking in a field.



Building the beam bunny

Today I thought I'd share an image diary that goes over the process I took in building the "beam bunny".

Following initial front and side view sketches I started on the head, adding vertices to follow the contours from each angle:

After completing the head I followed the same approach on the legs and body.
Finally added the arms to complete the model.
Following that came the process of adding some animations, texturing and importing into the engine, and here is the completed beam bunny: