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Tourney Beta!

Following (somewhat slowly) on from the last post... The game is now in closed beta! Also: The confirmed release date is the 4th of November 2021!

The invites are those that backed the kickstarter campaign at the "Squire" level (or higher). The feedback from them has been quite positive, which is encouraging. 

There have been a few fixes needed, along with some tweaks to make things clearer, but nothing that has made me think that the release date will shift.


Tourney has Gone Into Alpha!


This month I finished all of the elements for the last level, and that means the game has oficially got it's first alpha release! 

The work included finishing off all of the objectives, a story custscene at the end (which has a few different alterations depending on what happens) and some credits.

With that done the next stage will be to do a few run throughs so I can check for balance.


A character that appears in the end level is the the king. I had to make a new sculpture for him based on the artwork that the illustrator had done for him where he shows up in the story cutscenes! You can see this artwork, and the resulting model I made below:


Tourney King Model Art

UI & Settings

I have also done a complete overhaul of the games menus and user interface (sliders, option buttons, check boxes and so on). It was long overdue. Previous menus that I have shared here have been ones that I had half thought were done, but also half thought I may finish off at some point later. That would probably mean nothing would happen. I didn't think that any of it looked massively polished (except for the main toolbars in the game itself) so I spent some time and got some much more refined versions, like this one:

Tourney Knight UI Menu

Levelling Up

Another element of the game that I had not implemented as well as I wanted was what I had originally called training. I could not get this to feel right - one of the main problems being that I could not work the knight spending actual time on training, since time use is one of the challenges. So I tried a few things - but none of them really worked. So instead I use a more traditional xp and level up approach... as you can see from the above!

So with the game in the first official testing phase the next few weeks will be spent doing that with a few friends at first, then moving on to a wider closed beta with the kickstarter backers some time in October!

And the final release... still planned for November

Atlantis, Thoughts, Theme Track

So the weather here in England has been very sunny and springlike (well.. apart from today, when it has decided to tip it down). Things at Tusky towers have remained busy as ever - with the release of Tourney not too far off in the distance!


Atlantis is the third and penultimate environment in the game. You turn up, and discover that it’s got a little bit of a flooding problem (as you can see below). Over the past month I’ve been putting all of the half submerged buildings together. Below is one that took longest - just because of how detailed she is. It's a huge statue based around the Greek goddess Amphitrite - wife of poseidon. I thought that would be a nicely fitting for the environment!

Amphitrite Tourney 3d model Amphitrite Tourney 3d model

I’ve pretty much wrapped on this level now. There is only one "level" remaining to put together - which is Gulansharo, a city from Georgian medieval legend. This which will be the venue for the finale in the main campaign, so I need to make sure that it's impressive!


I’ve added a load of contextual comments that the knights and visitors will say from time to time. They pop up as little speech bubbles. They don’t serve any real purpose in terms of game mechanics - but they provide a bit of humour. Mostly they are quotes from films, but some others as well. I’ll be adding to this list of “thoughts” going forward so they won’t become repetitive.

Tourney quote during a melee

Archery Minigame

With all of the events, as the player you will have a small minigame that you can play which can help your knights fare better. For the archery this will have a small element of skill - and look a little like the below:

Tourney archery minigame

Main Theme

The composer Jeremie has finished work on an amazing theme track for Tourney... Check it out!

So that’s all for now. Development has been going well and steadily since the kickstarter in November last year (it does not feel that long ago!!). Currently I am anticipating the game will be in beta no later than October.