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The Tourney Kickstarter is live!

 I am very happy to announce that the Tourney Kickstarter is now live!

It has been a great deal of work to get to this point. Now you can now pledge to support the game, and bag some cool rewards!

The campaign has been live for just of 2 days, and has so far gained a fair amount towards the goal, but there is still a way to go yet! The support from the community has been really fantastic, so I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has pledged, as well as to everyone who has shared it on their social media. Every like and retweet and share makes a huge difference!


I’ll be focused on Kickstarter for the next few weeks, juggling promotion and dev and comms and  everything else (#appropriategif) . However I will share updates about the game here - and how the campaign is doing. 

Thank you all again for the support! Watch this space for further news!


Bosses, Kickstarter and Groupees

Good day to you space station fans!

So it's been a while since the last update but that does not mean that nothing has been going on... far from it! Here is a rundown:


The kickstarter campaign was successfully funded! It did end up being a bit of a photo finish but it was a big relief to have made it. This funding will be start going towards a few things so looking forward to sending updates about that to all of the backers.


The first of three boss levels has been completed. This guy is called the hammer titan, and is a bit on the big side.

As well as that one big update was that the unity engine had a major version update to 5, so naturally that took a huge amount of time to get up to date. There has also been a new UI added with health and a score for "nuts and bolts" which will be cool because you'll be able to spend them on upgrades. Also have been improving all of the existing levels and started on level 5!

Groupees & Demo

We have a demo of the game now - which is basically level 3. This has been included in a groupees bundle, here:

It's a snip at four bucks so get involved! This is helping a lot towards steam greenlight as more people are finding out about the game. The demo will of course be going up here as well, although ahead of that there will be some work to make it as cool as possible :)

Well that's it for now, but there will be more updates soon!

The BioStation Drone

Ze Site! She Is Born!

Welcome to the new site for BioStation*!

So without further ado here is a bit of a progress update.

Development has been coming along steadily, 2.5 months in now so very pleased with where it's got to. For level 4 there was some work on a zero gravity area, there is a little video over on that there facebook of an EVA jump, this is a central point in the level though so don't watch it if you don't want spoilers!

Work on that is pretty much complete. So level 4 is just waiting on the last few models being finished, rigged and skinned.The approach to skinning may alter a little as some new software is being trialled to use - and it looks promising.

Looking ahead there is also a new friendly robot being built for a "biodeck" level. It's codename "goliath".

We're up over 10% now for the kickstarter campaign which is AMAZING and I'm so grateful for all of the support so far in just a few days. If you have not yet backed, why now? It's so easy! The page is here:

That's it for now!

* Ok its not called just "BioStation" but I get fed up of writing the whole title every time. Leave me alone!