Jesters, statues and making people cry

Well met, fellow e-traveller! Time again for another quick development blog! Here are some new features going into tourney:


A new member of staff has joined the ranks! The medieval jester is able to entertain your visitors, and they also have a taunt ability to tease and upset knights (or lords and peasants for that matter). You might want to do that if your have scheduled a joust, and want to put off a knight before they face your house knight.

Knight statue

This simulator game will feature a fair few decoration items. This newly implemented decoration is a statue of a knight! Mainly this decoration is to improve the aesthetic of your tourney ground.

Emotion pop ups

To make it more obvious when your medieval guests have reacted to something, or are thinking something, there will be a little pop up that displays the happiness flag that just triggered. They might react physically in some way too. Like with the new medieval jester character - they may applaud or burst into tears in reaction to their antics.

Until next time, simulation fans!
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