Kickstarter! New Equipment and Nobles

 It’s been a while since the last update here. I have excuses though! It’s down to the busy end to last year caused by the kickstarter I talked about in the last post. Well the good news is [drumroll]

It was successful!

I have to say a massive thankyou to everyone that was able to support in whatever way you were able. Be it through a pledge or a share. I think it all made the difference because it was SO close! It’s good to be able to say that Tourney can proceed as planned. 

Following the campaign, and the festive turkey-a-thon I’m back into dev mode, and the freelancers that the kickstarter was for are now underway as well.

My work has mostly entailed working on creating the final set of equipment available, that which is the “best” set. Here is sir Gybard sporting the top level medieval armour, a sword (borrowed from some fantasy game, it seems), a shield, bow and lance (I have unofficially dubbed this the big punchy lance)

The above picture shows the top level stuff, but here are the others. 

The simple version is the lowest level, and meant to resemble a medieval squire, like that knight has only just managed to ascend above the level of the lowly squire. Then tier 2 called “crusader” is more like a knight from the crusades. Paladin is then a heavier, rivet heavy version of the others.
Something else that I’ve been working on is the addition of an additional class: nobility (previously there were only peasants in what I had done on tourney). 
When adding the nobles I decided that they would have their own snooty requirements. For example I’ve already added the medieval style ale wagon - which is much loved by the peasants… but the nobles will turn up their noses at such sim swill. For them they would much rather buy wine from a wine merchant. Or, rather than buy tacky wooden swords from a carpenter like the peasants they would rather get fine jewelry from a medieval jewelry merchant wagon like this one!
The dropoff vehicles now come in two flavours for each type, and the amount of people that get off to attend the tournament depends on how many different staff, outlets and stands that you built to cater to each!
Next up:
Guards and robbers
I had a bit of trouble thinking about how to balance doing a public dev log and at the same time fulfil the “backers only” kickstarter updates, so I’ve decided that there will be public updates like this one, that cover the basics of what’s been completed for the simulator, then a more detailed one only available to backers. 

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