Sword Fights and Castles

It's nearly time for the spookiest time of the year! What better way to celebrate than to let you all know what's been going on at Tusky towers!


I have talked before about jousting, well that will be one of three event types that will be available to play in Tourney. The newest addition is the melee! As a side-note I also completed the third of four armor types, which you can see here:

Tournament Events

In the early days of the medieval tournament the melee was actually the "main event". The joust is what most people would probably think of first when thinking about a tournament, but initially they were not as important. As such it was inevitable that I include them, not only for historical accuracy, but it is fun watching sword fighting. It required a fair bit of animation work, and making some blood splatters!


This month I have been doing some run throughs of the initial level with a friend - to try and spot what is not clear, what doesn't work etc. It highlighted a few items that could be tidied up, such as adding a help section, and tying that to relevant parts of the game. I also added a new button allowing the player to move a structure after they had put it down in case they made a mistake.


Work on the OST is officially underway. Here is a clip of music that will feature in level 1:

Tusky Games · Tourney - Track 1

The composer is Curtis Falkingham, and you can hear more tracks by him on his soundcloud page:



The main environment so far is called "Avalon Woodland", and has been the setting for the first level and all of the testing. However now after a few months of work the next environment is nearing completion. A castle set high on a mount overlooking the aforementioned forest!

Medieval avalon castle


Next up... Lords and ladies will be joining the peasantry in attendance at the tournament! 


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