Tents, UI and Objectives

Welcome back, tourney fans! It's been a while since my last post, so here's what's new:


The levels are split into an "invite phase" where you select your house knights and third party guest knights arrive. During this you build whatever you want to start the next phase with: the tournament phase. I've created a clock graphic, to tell how far through the tournament phase you are. The phase lasts a day, from 10 till 10. I've imported it to the game, and got the pause button in the middle working too.
The problem was it then made the existing tooltip for selecting your buildings look a little out of place, so I gave that a makeover too


I have finally completed everything for the accommodation tents (model / tex / engine import etc). The way those work is that you have 2 types of pitches: An empty plot that causes a guest knight from another house to arrive; or a prebuilt tent in your house colours that will then allow you to invite a knight from your house to occupy it.


Add a way to start the tournament phase, and add objectives to complete during the tournament phase. There is a basic objective system in place, so you can now play through level 1 and win or lose!

More UI

I made some menus for knights and visitors now so you can click them and see some basic info about them. I need to spend a lot of time creating all the various icons that are needed before the menus are fully finished. I have also added a "house" menu where you choose your champion. I've made a fun system for scheduling a joust, where you can mess around with the order of who knights are fighting against, before it starts. It means the player can give their house knights a more favourable path to the final if they want to. The game phase now represents a day, and the lighting will slowly adjust accordingly.
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