Tourney: Houses and setting

Good morrow!

Time for an update from the fledgling project! I've fleshed out more of what the mechanics will be, setting, theme and so on. So without further ado:

Theme and Name

The project I am working on is going to be a medieval tournament sim game, which I am going to call "Tourney".


I have been applying lots of time and thought into establishing the setting for the game. I didn't know whether to make it exist in the real world or a fantasy one. Each has it's benefits. For example if it's complete fantasy then the world can be populated with any monsters, potions or lore I feel like. I decided not to do that since this game will be concerned specifically with the medieval tournament. I felt it would make sense that it existed in the real world a little.
That being said I thought I would cheat a tiny bit, and use a fantasy setting that is thought to be on Earth, such as Avalon or Atlantis. Visitors can then come from real places or made up ones. The player will know that at least to some extent it is not supposed to be completely historically accurate.


Along with (and completely dependent on) the musings about settings was the consideration about where the tourney visitors would come from. Medieval knights were often affiliated with a house. As a result I decided to come up with 13 playable houses.

Each house is based on or references something in some way. For example some are based on real historical houses. Some are from Arthurian legend and a couple from pop culture. Each house will have a selection of knights you can summon to the tourney, and if you get the reference then you will know who your "star players" will be without having to experiment.


Now that is done, I need to make 13 varieties of textures for any knight related model (shield / horse / tent / armour) so that they all display the house heraldry. I am hoping that in doing this it will serve the same purpose in the game as it used to on the medieval battlefield, allowing commanders to be easily recognised amongst large armies.


I have also got a dev log thread over here on the Exilian forums, so if you'd like to comment or ask questions about this then please head over there and get involved. You'll also find a wealth of other creative game / art / writing content there so feel free to just go have a bit of a browse!

Anyway that's all for now. I'll cover a specific knight I've completed in more detail in a post next week.
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