July Update: souvenirs and sounds

Time for a long overdue Update!

If you're here for the first time and have no idea what this is... this page will give you an overview!


Visitors to the tourney ground have lots of things to choose from. Before it would only be when buying something to eat or drink would they get a physical item to wander off with. Well now it does that for shops too. There are a few little souvenirs available to buy. You can see here a screenshot where many little hats have been acquired!

Cost Management

I made quite a large change, related to the above. The shop outlets also used to be linked to how you got upgrades for the knights that you are in charge of. e.g. if you wanted a new bow then you needed to put up a carpenter first. Although in practice I don't think it worked.
So instead all of that was put in the knight menu, and shops are now just another sort of outlet you can put down to make some gold.

I added a finances menu section where you can get a fun* report on how your income is doing, since you can now also mess with prices, so I thought it would be sensible to have a way to observe what effect that had!


I have done the first implementation of an audio manager which handles sfx and music. It works quite nicely and I added in a good range of effects to be going on with, like applause and chatter from the crowds. A trundling noise from the drop off wagon etc. To make the crowd chatter amongst themselves I recorded myself a bunch of time which I have found more than a little weird when testing!

Next up, work is going to start on the second area map, which is going to be pretty awesome.

Look forward to sharing progress on that.

* If finance reports are not your idea of fun, read: Dull
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