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New project

Greetings update fans!

Well Escape From BioStation is released to the wild, and I've not really provided any update since, which is awfully rude, isn't it?

It would be untrue to say I've not done anything in the interim. On the contrary - I have been beavering away behind the scenes on the next project. However I wish to not reveal too much about it just yet. Even though I am absolutely dying to because I think it's going to be a whole truckload of fun.

The reason I'm "keeping a lid" on things would be clear if you have read my previous post. However to summarise:

  • I released my last game far too early, it looked like crap hardly anyone was interested.
  • Those crappy images became the first thing people saw since I'd smeared them far and wide around the net, meaning they were frequently the first thing people ever saw even when there were far better looking images and footage later on
  • Those (few) people that were interested had to wait an awfully long time before the release to actually see anything.
  • There is also a small silly paranoid part of me that is scared that someone might steal my idea

So for now the only people I've told are my nearest and dearest. I think that when there is a sufficient cohesive thing to demonstrate I'll say what the game is because I am very excited about it. It really draws on the lessons I learned from biostation, and builds on them hugely - yet at the same time is a complete departure in terms of game style and theme.

I don't mind saying it will be a top down game set in medieval times. In the coming couple of months I will share shorter, more frequent posts just about the parts of the project I can demonstrate, for example 3d modelling or the top level framework of mechanics - and hopefully that may be of interest until there is some context to attach what I'm posting about to.

So for now, inbetween posts, I will be frequenting twitter droning on about abstract & contextless dev I'm doing and retweeting stuff of interest. So please feel free to say hi on there!