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Scenery and a good old hog roast

Quite a lot of progress since the last update here! I decided to move hosting and back again due to being an idiot and that meant I lost a couple of updates. The main 2 thing completed (other than some behind the scenes or UI items) are:

Lots of edge scenery 

It's pretty much completed now for the first level. Here's a nice little boat at a dock in a millpond.

There are a few little hidden items in the surrounding woodland that give what is otherwise essentially just a field, more of a feeling that it is set in a larger world.

A hog roast outlet 

You can now get the visitors to fill their bellies!


Tourney: Apothecaries, stands and more

Wow 3 months since the last update? That is pretty dismal. Sorry folks. Well I guess that does mean it's high time that I correct this oversight :)

New tourney buildings!

First off is the simple "peasent" stand. It was on my todo list from the previous post, here is a picture of it in action.

medieval peasents watching a tournament joust from a stand

Visitors will want to spectate on the various tournament events if there is a stand like this to watch from. The stand has one upgrade at the moment - to add a canopy. At some stage weather will become a factor in how much a visitor enjoys watching the event, so this will become important. Even medieval folks didn't like getting wet!

More recently than that I completed a new apothecary outlet. This wheeled wagon will sell all kinds of tinctures and potions which will aid the knights in their bid to win the tourney. Once fully implemented it will be up to the player to kit out their knights with upgrades like this to give them the edge in jousting, melee and archery events. AI characters will also frequent outlets like this, so they are the main way to earn gold.

Apart from that, a fair bit of scenery at the edge of the level 1 tourney ground has been completed. For example a watermill, signs, a road and a selection of trees.

Tourney edge scenery trees

User interface

Not quite as intersting but I've made a lot of custom UI elements. You can see one in the apothecary image above, but also there is a rustic, wooden looking context menu for the buildings, and a leaderboard which remain docked to the view, so if you want you can track the progress of the competitors. I tried to tie everything in with the feel of a medieval tournament, hence the abundant wood.

Tourney medieval tournament simulation game context menu

Well that's a whistlestop tour of the features that have been completed since the last time. Here's what I am targetting next:

  • The remaining level 1 "edge" scenery is going to be rolled out this month: a fence object and some ruins, meaning I can share some close to final looking screenshots.
  • I also want to implement the system by which visitors are happy and sad about things. This will then lead on to making them want to leave, and adding a wagon which brings in new visitors.
  • Finally I might finally have a nice medieval sounding music track that I can reveal a bit of by the next update too.

So again apologies in the lack of updates. I'll adopt a better posting strategy from now on: Make a single post that I share to various outlets, because I am actully posting updates - just indiscriminately. e.g. twitter (at least every few days) a forum devlog that get updated every couple of weeks. Well I should just post that here too!

Tourney: first knights and jousting tilt

Lots to report on the new game since the last post - I write phenominally few blog posts given the amount I'm working on this tournament simulator. As I mentioned before there are 2 places that enjoy far more frequent posts from me those are My Exilian Dev Log and obviously Tusky games on twitter

Anyway in the last post I needed to create a knight model, which I did. Actually I made 2 but the first I hated so started over. So those along with the horse are done:

medieval knights arriving for a tourney

I've also created a tilt barrier and list - which will be one whole building that the player can build. Then went on to build the mechanics for 2 AI knights to Joust against each other. There are also various rules and tactics in place. For example you can attempt to the best speed before each charge. Getting the timing right means tour knight rears up on the horse and goes straight into a gallop. It gives you a huge force boost to the clash.

Horse rearing before a Tourney Joust

There are a few outcomes possible depending on what you target. You can get unhorsed and disarmed so the lance is dropped - negating any damage at all. It was fun testing this out and getting the bots to keep unhorsing eachother!

Knights clash in tourney medieval tournament simulator game
I'll be moving on to setting up some more of the 3d models. One being a tournament stand in which the medieval peasents can spectate on the tourney jousting fun!